Eyelash Extension Training at The Beauty Collective


The Beauty Collective offers Eyelash Extension Training and Certification to licensed beauty professionals. Our Master Lash Gurus, Cheri and Shelly, has over fifteen years of experience with eyelash extensions. Please inquire about available course dates at hello@thebeautycollectivepdx.com


Course Material Covered:

·Product Overview and Sourcing Quality Product

·Client Consultation

· Q + A’s

·Lash Styles, and Determining the Proper Shape for a Client's Face

·Basic Technique, and Eyelash Extension Application- A breakdown of Steps/Short Exercises

·Eyelash Retouching 

·Safety and Sanitation 

·Proper Bonding and Placement

·Proper Setup and Environment

·Reactions, Infections, and Allergies


·Safe Removal

·Repairing Botched and Damaged Eyelashes

·Client Information for Care and Maintenance of Eyelash Extensions

You will be given a training manual which includes detailed information from all of the above topics.


Courses Offered



The Beauty Collective Eyelash Extension Training course is a one day, six hour class that is one on one with our Master Lash Gurus. Classes are held once a month and only allows 2 students per class, this way you will have either Cheri or Shelly your instructor's undivided attention for the duration of the workshop. Classes cost $1,100 (not including the cost of the kit).

On location Training

If you have a group of four beauty industry professionals and would like to have the eyelash extension course taught at your spa/location our Master Lash Gurus can come to you. An additional travel fee is required and will be decided on based on your location. Classes cost $1,300 per trainee, plus the travel fee and training kit for each student.


Eyelash Extension training/starter kit $195 (required for class)


State Regulations                                                                                                                  
State licensing requirements for the application of eyelash extensions may vary from state to state. It is important that you research the requirements for your specific state and comply with all laws regarding the application of eyelash extensions. Since eyelash extensions are still considered new to the United States, you may not find a specific reference to “lash extensions” or “eyelash extensions” written exactly in the statute codes. However, some states may provide a definition that would include eyelash extensions, such as, “applying eyelashes to a person”.


 Cancellation Policy

Should you fail to give us notice of cancellation more than seven (7) days prior to your training date, The Beauty Collective will retain 50% of the total fee collected. If you cancel your scheduled training within one (1) to seven (7) days prior to your training date, we will not refund any of the training fees. If you do not reschedule more than seven (7) days prior to a training date, it will be considered a cancellation. You may not reschedule within one (1) to seven (7) days prior to your scheduled training date.  If you do not attend your scheduled training course and have not rescheduled you will be considered a no-show and no portion of your fees for training will be refunded.


 Starter Kit

The Beauty Collective requires that you purchase the lash starter kit. This kit contains all of the essentials that you will need to apply eyelashes to a client. You will learn the proper way to use everything in the kit during your course. If you already own some or all of the materials, feel free to use your own, however, if they are not the proper tools, you will be required to purchase them from The Beauty Collective. It's important to learn with the best products and tools available on the market.


Starter Kit Includes

·         Eyelash Extension Manual

·         1 Professional Eyelash Adhesive

·         1 Professional Eyelash Adhesive Remover

·         1 Professional Primer

·         5 Disposable Glue Holders

·         2 Lash Application Sponges

·         2 Lash Grids

·         20 Alcohol Pads

·         10 Sets of Gel Eye Patches

·         20 Disposable Mascara Wands

·         1 15 ML Eye Makeup Remover

·         2 Tweezers (One Straight Tweezer and One Curved Tweezer)

·         Package of 20 Lint Free Sponges

·         1 Roll of Paper Tape

·         1 Roll of Surgical Tape

 ·      1 Magnifying Glasses

·         1 Practice Mannequin Head

·         5 Sets of Practice Eyelash Strips

·         1 Printed Version of The Beauty Collective’s Waiver and Release Form

·         1 Printed Version of The Beauty Collective’s Aftercare Guide

·         1 Carry-All Bag

·         One package of each:

o 8mm x .18mm C-Curl

o 10mm x .18mm C-Curl

o 12mm x .18mm C-Curl

o 8mm x .15mm D-Curl

o 10mm x .15mm D-Curl

o 12mm x .15mm D-Curl