Lash Care

Your new eyelash extensions are fairly maintenance-free. The general rule of eyelash extensions is the less you touch them, the longer they last. The largest enemy of lash extensions is oil, which can come from our fingers or from the products we apply. Avoiding direct contact with oils will help maintain longevity of your lash extensions. Also, immediately after application, avoid getting your lashes wet for at least three hours to allow the lash adhesive to dry thoroughly.

There are a few other guidelines to keep in mind:

Beauty Collective DON’Ts — please DO NOT:

  • Pick or pull at your lashes

  • Excessively rub your eyes, as this will pull off the extensions prematurely

  • Use a harsh eyelash curler, as this will break the synthetic lashes

  • Apply mascara to the base of the lashes; only on the lash tips

  • Use oil-based products; doing so will dissolve the bond

  • Use cotton balls or swabs directly on the extensions, as fibers can get caught in the bond

  • Overexpose lashes to steam rooms and/or tanning salons, as they can weaken the bond

Beauty Collective DAILY TIPS:

  • Brush your lashes daily to create a dramatic, fanned-out look (when brushing, brush from the middle of the lash to the tip)

  • When lashes get wet, close your eyes and press lashes with a bath towel or paper towel; this will remove excess water without weakening the bond

  • When washing your face, wash around your eyes first; when removing eye makeup, use a lint-free Q-tip and our formulated eye makeup remover

  • Use products specially formulated for synthetic eyelash extensions