Microblading + Permanent Makeup Q+A

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Is microblading and permanent makeup the same thing?

Yes, do not get them confused.

Am I good candidate for permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is a great option for those who have eyebrows that have thinned with age, are over-plucked, suffer from hair loss, or you simply want to improve the shape and look. You can go for a dramatic bold look or go conservative with hair like strokes for a softer result. Brows are measured and penciled in before beginning. We will give you our recommendation, but you will have the final decision before we continue with the treatment.

Is this the same as a tattoo?

Microblading and permanent makeup are cosmetic tattoos. Any procedure that implants pigment or ink into the skin is a tattoo, and it is permanent. However, instead of using regular tattoo equipment and needles, we use only state-of-the-art digital technology specifically formulated for cosmetic tattooing procedures. Our equipment is quiet, precise and more gentle for use on the face.

What is the difference between permanent and semi-permanent?

All tattoos are permanent, since something is being implanted into the skin. Even with removal, there will always be traces of pigment left behind. However permanent makeup uses pigments, not the body art ink, so It will fade over time.

Can I choose the shape and the color?

You will discuss shape and color with your cosmetic tattoo artist. In proposing a design for you, we will consider age, personality, current use of makeup, daily activities and the color and undertones of your skin. The artist will also consider the shape of your lips, structure of your brow bone, or curvature of your eyelid before creating the shape outline. Once the design has been drawn on, you must approve before tattooing occurs.

What is microblading?

Microblading, also known as 3D brows, microstroking, feather stroking, brow embroidery and nano hair strokes is a form cosmetic tattooing. It is the process of applying tiny, individual hair-like strokes, following the directional growth pattern of natural eyebrow hair, to create a semi-permanent tattoo, that looks more realistic. Microblading strokes are made with a hand tool and not a machine, creating a soft effect, that can eventually partially or fade grow out over time. Pigment is deposited in a more shallow fashion than conventional tattooing. All other permanent makeup procedures done at the Beauty Collective use a digital cosmetic tattoo machine designed specifically for permanent makeup.

What happens at the appointments for brows?

*1st Appointment - "FOUNDATION SESSION” - Brow mapping and collaborating together on the perfect shape according to your facial features, desired thickness and desired ‘look'. Application of a natural hair stoke pattern. Strokes are applied by hand with a single use disposable tool and the area is numbed for minimal pain. Brows are quite dark for the first week and soften as they heal over the next month. Individual skin is different, some people will retain a lot of color, others will heal very light or patchy. This appointment is not meant to heal perfectly. This appointment takes approx. 2- 2.5 hours total

*2nd Appointment - “PERFECTING SESSION"- recommended 6-8 weeks later - to touch up any light spots, build additional texture, add hair strokes or tweak and perfect the shape. This session usually takes approximately 1-1.5 hours.

Some people may need more than two sessions to achieve their desired brow, due to stubborn skin, improper aftercare, scarring from tweezing etc.

What if I don't like the results?

Don't worry we guarantee our work. More than likely, if you receive the microblading treatment from The Beauty Collective, you will love your enhanced brows! In the rare case that you prefer your original brows, you would simply consult with your Beauty Collective microblading specialist to discuss the fading process.

Which procedure is best?

I know there seems to be a lot to choose from at The Beauty Collective. We are here for you. If you are confused, give us a call to schedule a consultation and we would be happy to go over all the options with you in person.

Does your consultation appointment cost?

Yes, for a small fee of $50. We have a one-on-one consultation where the Permanent Makeup procedure is explained to you in detailed. This also includes how to prepare, what to expect during and after the procedure. The consultation is perfect for the individual who has a very busy schedule and doesn’t have time to sit down to read. The price of the consultation is extra and does not include the price of the procedure.

How long will the tattoo last?

Even though we call a tattoo permanent, the color will fade naturally over time and you will need to have the color touched up. The time it takes to fade depends on the client's skin, health, lifestyle and tattoo maintenance. Generally, this is between one and five years depending on procedure.

Do results vary?

Yes - color retention and overall results are different for each individual. Factors such as sun exposure, skin type, aftercare, lifestyle and skin tone determine how your brows heal.

OILY SKIN - tends to 'push out' the ink quicker, and may need more frequent touch ups and heal extra powdery.

DARKER SKIN - will have less contrast and may heal even more powdery or solid-looking than lighter tones. The darker the skin tone, the less detail you will see.

MATURE SKIN - is very fine, delicate and thin. It tends to heal more powdery and lines can heal on the thicker side. Results are very unpredictable.

The final results are not guaranteed to replace makeup- you may still need to use a pencil or powder to create your own unique, desired look. The ultimate goal is to have natural looking, balanced brows.

How long does an appointment normally take?

The average time for a permanent makeup procedure is 2 – 3.5 hours. Before application, the client will undergo a consultation which includes discussion of medical history, lifestyle, personality, design, color, and any questions or concerns. After a topical numbing agent has been applied, the design will be drawn on for review. Tattooing itself takes between 45 and 90 minutes depending on tissue response.

What is the difference between cosmetic tattooing and standard body tattooing?

The purpose of cosmetic tattooing is to enhance the natural features of a client. Cosmetic tattooing is softer and more subtle – it is meant to be a natural-looking enhancement. Body tattoos use ink while cosmetic tattoo procedures involve pigments. These pigments are designed to gently fade over time. Fading is desired as it allows the artist to make changes to color and shape over the years as client’s natural coloration and facial changes occur.

Does it hurt?

Proper anesthetics are used to ensure the process is as pain-free as possible. Your microblading artist will consult with you before the procedure to make sure your individual requests are honored. That said, those who choose to not receive anesthetic before the procedure have described the feeling as “being scratched,” and the pain level as a 3 on the 10 point scale.

How long do the results last?

Unfortunately, there’s no set answer. The results depend on several factors, such as medication, sun exposure, after-care treatment, and genetics. The average person can expect results to last anywhere from 1 year to 18 months.

What type of tool do you use for microblading?

Microblading is done by a disposable, single-use, hand-held “pen.” The pen quite literally draws hairstrokes into the eyebrow template. Very small needles scratch the epidermis, depositing pigment with each stroke.

Is there blood?

Sometimes, but only a very small amount. Each person is different, but generally no more blood than a minor scratch can incite. Those who are on blood-thinning medications may not receive microblading treatment.

Is the studio equipment safe?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on having an immaculate and sterile studio space. We only use single use, disposable needles and supplies. This means that each set-up for each new client is discarded safely afterwards. Each of our stations are thoroughly disinfected before and after each procedure throughout the day.

Does age matter?

No! We treat a wide range of clients. The only restriction by law is that you must be 18 years of age. We have found this treatment particularly beneficial for seniors who have lost the dexterity and steadiness needed to apply makeup. We want everyone to feel beautiful!

What makes someone a non-candidate?

Those who are pregnant, breast-feeding, and/or taking blood-thinning medications. Also, those who have had recent severe sun exposure, botox/filler (within the last month), eczema, severely oily skin, and those prone to keloid scarring. Additionally, if you are being treated for a compromised or impaired immune system, you must secure a doctor’s note stating you can receive the treatment. This is your responsibility.