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Do you want thicker and bolder Brows + lashes?


Do you want brows that are shaped well and stay on? Do you hate wearing fake eyelashes, wearing a lot of mascara, and spending a ridiculous amount of time drawing on your brows daily? It can seem impossible to glue those fake eyelashes on just right.  It can start your day off wrong when you’ve drawn your brows on for the umpteenth time and they still look like strangers instead of sisters. When you start thinking there has to be a better way, it’s time to start thinking about eyelash extensions and permanent makeup.

Say goodbye to your makeup headaches with your beauty routine cut in half. No more applying and reapplying your mascara, brows, lips, or eyeliner everyday. No more worrying about getting caught in the rain or working up a sweat exercising. Each procedure is personalized for individual clients as we help them achieve the look that they desire. At the Beauty Collective, it is all about YOU. Are you ready to take the the plunge and make your life easier while making your lashes and brows look better than ever? Give us a call today.


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