Essentials To Pack In Your Beauty Bag This Summer


Top Five Essentials for Your Beauty Bag This Summer

Your beauty bag is a constant feature in all your summer adventures. You need to make sure it's packed with all the things you'll need for a beautiful, pleasant, and sweat defeating summer. Here are the top five essential products for your summer beauty bag!

1.       Sunscreen: An absolute no-brainer. Sunscreen is the most important addition to your summer bag. Save yourself (and your forgetful friends) from sunburns. Not to mention, the moisturizing power of sunscreen is underreported. Investing in a quality sunscreen for the long term is well worth the effect it will have on your skin.

2.       Facial/Body Mist: Getting sick of lathering deodorant on every few hours? A facial and/or body mist is a fun, effective, and far cuter alternative. A little brightly colored spray bottle with your favorite scent is a lot more pleasant to use than stretching out your shirt trying to use deodorant in a hurry. You can get mists with all your typical beauty smells, everything from orange to coconut. A few sprays throughout the day is all you'll need!

3.       Lip Balm: Summer can be brutal on the lips. Slip a hydrating lip balm into your purse and never suffer helplessly from chapped lips again. Choose whatever flavor and scent that best suits your summer vibe, or even add a gloss! Try to invest in a quality product if possible. Your lips will thank you.

4.       Spiral Hair Ties: Spiral hair ties have become increasingly popular over the last few years. They're more stylish than normal hair elastics and less bulky than scrunchies. Their spiral style means that they're far less likely to leave you with headaches from a tight do. They're also a lot less likely to pull some hairs out when you remove them, which is preferable! When it gets a bit too hot for your hair to be hanging around your shoulders, you'll be happy to pull out one of these ties.

5.       Blotting Paper: Blotting paper is an essential addition to any summer beauty bag, especially for those of us who love to wear makeup. Want to avoid an unfortunate sweaty shine? How about the clown-ish makeup melting look? Blotting papers are affordable, transportable, and convenient for dabbing your face subtly. Remove the shine and allow your makeup to thrive with ease in any environment!

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