Eyelash Extensions 101

How It Works


Lash Sets

Our Lash sets are tied to fullness, as well as overall look.

Classic being the most natural and Volume the most obvious, with Hybrid being a perfect in-between. Check out our sets that we offer here



Consists of one synthetic lash to one natural lash. Covering 90% of the lashes, they can only be as full as the amount of natural lashes you have.



The fullest set, fans are created using 2-6 synthetic lashes to one natural. Creating a fluffy look with maximum fullness.



Is a mixed set of Classic and Volume lashes. Normally 50% Classic and 50% Volume. Hybrid gives the definition of Classic with the added fullness of Volume.


AU NATURALE Eye Lashes // Lash style at Lash & Beauty Lab


Individual lashes are applied to mimic the natural shape of your lashes with added length and volume.

Cat Eye Lash Style // Lash & Beauty Lab


Lashes are shorter at the inner corners, then super long across the rest of the lash line, creating full, glamorous lashes.

Oh So Innocent Lash Style // Lash & Beauty Lab

Open Eye

Make your eyes look larger, rounder and more open with extensions that come to a gentle peak above your pupil.

High Drama Lash Style // Lash & Beauty Lab


Extensions are shorter at the inner corners of the eyes and flare out at the outer corners, creating a cat eye.

extension type

Human Hair

Eyelash extensions made of human hair are first cleansed and sanitized, then shaped to mimic eyelashes. These are just about the most realistic you can get. With a light, feathery style, human hair lash extensions have the most natural look and feel, lasting longer than other extensions due to their light, porous texture. Ideal for clients who have naturally thin weak lashes. Human hair lash extensions are perfect for those who have gone through chemotherapy and are going through the grow out phase.

Siberian Mink

Made of 100% Siberian mink, these cruelty-free eyelash extensions are gently combed off live minks. Fine, soft, lightweight and flexible, mink lash extensions are Ideal for those seeking a more natural look because mink lash extensions do not come curled. Please note: in the rare case you’re allergic to animal hair then mink would not be a good option.

Faux Mink

Faux mink eyelash extensions are the most popular lash extensions used at The Beauty Collective. Much like their real fur counterparts, these synthetic lash extensions are also light, soft and extremely natural looking. Even though they have slightly more volume than real mink lash extensions the difference is not noticeable. Faux mink lash extensions are 100% hypoallergenic. Also ideal for those seeking a bolder look. Faux mink lash extensions never lose their curl.


The Beauty Collective carries eyelash extensions with varying levels of curl from slight to extreme. Your lash stylist will assess your eyelashes and determine the type of curl that is right for you.

J Curl // Lash & Beauty Lab

J curl

With the least amount of curl, these look the closest to human eyelashes. This curl is hardly noticeable from the front.

J Curl // Lash & Beauty Lab

c curl

With slightly more curl,
these lash extensions make eyes look wider, rounder and more open.

J Curl // Lash & Beauty Lab

d curl

Our most extreme curl, these look best on those with a lot of natural curl, allowing the extension to sit properly on the natural lash.

J Curl // Lash & Beauty Lab

L curl

This curl is for those with straight lashes that grow down or those with deep-set eyes. The curved part of this lash picks up the lashes growing downward, naturally opening up the eye.


L +

Are built with a dramatic harsh upward curl that is ideal for clients with hooded eyelids.



Eyelash extensions are categorized by thickness, which are measured in millimeters. Choosing a thickness will affect the overall volume and are used in different styles to accomplish a desired result. We offer thin (.05mm + .07mm in width) for our volume sets, thick (.12mm + .15mm in width) for a more natural style, and super thick (.18 mm in width) for a more dramatic effect.

Lash Thickness



Our eyelash extensions range in length from 6 to 15 millimeters. The proper length of extensions for each individual varies depending on the length of your natural eyelashes. The longer the natural lash, the longer the extension can be.


Eyelash Extensions Colors // Lash & Beauty Lab

Individual eyelash extensions come in a variety of colors. Stand out with brightly colored lashes, or go subtle with our traditional lashes. Brown eyelash extensions create a gentler, more natural look compared to black — especially for those with a fair complexion. Colored extensions are a fun way to add a little something different to your eyes and enhance eye color. Choose one color or mix a few with black extensions.