HOW TO: Make Your Lashes Last Longer

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1. Brush and clean them at least once a day

Its important to brush them and clean them to remove debris and it also helps to keep them from crossing or tangling. When cleansing use a lint-free cotton and oil-free makeup remover that is formulated for eyelash extensions. Whether you’re brushing or cleansing your eyelash extensions, use a downward stroke from base of your lash line to the tip of your lashes.

2. Be Gentle

This is a big one! Make sure to treat your eye area extra careful so no rubbing, picking or pulling. Try to avoid rubbing your eyes with your fingers all together if you can. Not being careful with your lash extensions can pull at your natural lash hairs and cause loosening of the bonds in the adhesive.



3. Sleep on your back

Stomach sleepers, I’ve got some bad news… sleeping with your face pushed into your pillow can cause your extensions to fall out rapidly. Instead, try to sleep on your back, so your lashes can stay untouched while you snooze. At Lash and Beauty Lab we sell sleeping masks in store that are risen, 3D shaped around the lash area to help protect your lashes.




4. Use a coating product


A coating or sealing product used once or twice a week helps to protect the bond that holds a synthetic lash to your natural lash. Using this product will make your lash extensions last longer because of the protective barrier created between your lashes and oils, perspiration, dust and debris.

5. Don't use products not formulated for lash extensions

When it comes to most makeup, any kind is just fine for your lashes with a few exceptions. Eyeliner in a pot or applied with a brush tends to coat the lashes, causing them to fall our prematurely so we recommend using a eyeliner formulated specifically for lash extensions. Another product that is horrible for lashes is waterproof mascara. We carry a mascara in store that was developed for lash extensions.

6. Get a touchup every 2-4 weeks

No matter how careful you are with your eyelash extensions, you will naturally loose them over time due to your natural lash cycle and lifestyle. We recommend coming in every few weeks to fill your lash extensions. 

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