Sunglass Trends For 2018

Summer is officially here which means less clothes, more beach days and all the cute sunglasses!!

If you’ve gotta protect your eyes and cover your beautiful lashes you might as well find the best shades for the job. Here are some of Lash and Beauty Lab’s favorite 2018 sunglass trends! 



Tortoiseshell Acetate

This finish is a great look for so many types of lashes. It adds more to a look and creates flair and fun on rims that are simple and thick or elaborate and dainty.


Extreme and oversized Cat eye

We love this look. It's a funky take one an old classic and works for so many face shapes with such a great feminine touch.


Mirrored Shades

Mirrored sunglasses are perfect for some added drama to your look. This sense finish comes in all styles of sunglasses making it easy for anyone to try.



Bridge Sunglasses

Here in Portland we are all about bridges and our sunglasses should be no exception! These type of glasses are so stylish and a bit aggressive in a charismatic way, making them a great choice for a pair of shades.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 1.58.14 PM.png


Small Shades

The 90's called, they want their sunglasses back!! Small sunglasses are making a comeback making old photos of Britney and NYSNC look less hilarious more relative.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 4.23.37 PM.png

Round Frames

Round glasses have been trending but now with different takes on the classic shape, makes it difficult for everyone not to want a pair. Certain faces pull this look off better than others but try it out and let us know if they work for you, worst comes to worst you’ll look like John Lennon for a day.


Oversized Aviators

Aviators are an American tradition but this year things are getting a bit more spicy. Different sizes and shapes of Aviators are being paired with colored lenses  including the ombré effect.

Jessica Rae Watson