Summer Beauty Looks

Image:  pxhere

Image: pxhere


From eyeshadow with a retro vibe to hair accessories that are as practical as they are gorgeous, we’re loving the makeup and beauty looks we’re seeing this summer. Here are two of the best summer beauty trends you really need to know about. 

1980s Eye Makeup Is Back This Summer

Back in the 80s, eye makeup was bright, it was bold and it was blue. Aquamarine, sky blue and turquoise were popular, often with shades of pink, jade, green, yellow and violet swept right up to the eyebrows. Fashionistas applied blue eyeshadow below the eyes too, blending it with eyeshadow buds, or colored-in their lower eyelids with eyeliner pencils. Even mascara could be blue.

For summer 2019, 80s eyeshadow is back, but trust us, it’s much better the second time around! Think Miami Beach in the 60s and 70s, sparkling blue swimming pools, and clear blue summer skies, and you’ll be spot on. Get hold of an eyeshadow palette and try blending different shades of blue. Apply your blue eyeshadow all the way across your eyelids, although not as far up as your eyebrows like they did in the 80s. The best thing about blue eyeshadow is that it flatters virtually every skin tone. 

Wear a Head Band With a Top Knot 

Whether you like a perfectly coiffed top knot or you’re more of a messy bun person, wearing a head band will take your summer hairstyle up a notch. If you want a tidy top knot where every hair is perfectly in place, a head band can help you achieve that. A suitably tight head band will help keep your style firmly fixed all day long. 

If you prefer a beach-ready look, you can gather hair in a messy bun and add a headband as a finishing touch. Messy buns are great because when they look relaxed and unkempt, they can look even better, and they show off your highlights beautifully. You can create a bun with a hair donut, a specially designed hair clip or hair bun maker, a scrunchie, or a hair elastic and bobby pins. Use texturizing spray, hair gel, or hair cream, or spray clean hair with dry shampoo to help you get the tousled look. 

Chelsea Kardokus